The Archivio Giorgio Griffa is a dynamic system of life, interconnections, and apertures.
Its reason for being lies in the corpus of the artist’s work in over fifty years of painting. As such, its primary purpose is to protect that corpus and in doing so be a resource to support Giorgio, as well as museums, institutions, curators, scholars, collectors, restorers and galleries.


Archivio Giorgio Griffa - Archivio


As an archive that interacts with what is happening in the world, it lives in the present, facilitating all forms of engagement with Giorgio’s work, inviting people to wander through its meanderings and explore its original perspectives. The Archive is an ecosystem with which to engage and interact, to uncover themes, arguments, lines of thought, and new interpretations.

It is with this spirit that the Archive diligently works to:

  • catalogue works, photographs, books, publications, and other materials, building a rich system of interrelationships between heritage, events, people, and institutions;
  • certify the authenticity of works;
  • advise on the restoration and conservation of the works;
  • promote editorial projects inspired by the many insights offered by Giorgio Griffa’s works and writings;
  • design and provide assistance for installations in museums and exhibitions;
  • organise cultural initiatives of a wide-ranging nature—occasions for stimulated discussion, discovery, exchange, and engagement for Fine Arts Academy and school students, young people, and new generations;
  • collaborate with art fraud investigators, drawing on all fields of science and knowledge;

For every need (archive registrations, researches, contacts, etc ...) please write to us at: